Log 20210426

GM’s Note: The player running Boomer has to go on hiatus (and has been absent for about a month).
We as a group decided to ‘retcon’ Boomer’s illness as being more severe and she is actually on Kirdo III until the player can recover. (And no the ‘player’ is in good health. There are other aspects of life that are interfering with weekly participation).

Very late evening CD 8-07 (or terribly early morning on CD 8-08) . . .

The crew return to the Vigilant with Mako.

They take the unconscious Bothan to one of the guest rooms and Josus (Slider) attempts to counter the sedatives that were administered to her to awaken Mako.

But his treatment doesn’t seem to help the situation.

They then ask the new medic, Fox, to try to revive Mako, but Josus has made the situation worse. Fox recommends that they tie Mako down and check back in about four hours.

Four hours later Mako awakens and she is not happy to be tied down.

After rebuffing Mako’s complaints that she’s been tied down, Josus demands to know what Mako was doing at “My father’s home!”

She retorts that the home is no longer Jobia’s and it now belongs to Morac (the uncle). She also points out that Josus was entirely predictable.

Frustrated, Josus asks Wrasp to intercede by using the force.

While Wrasp can ‘force’ Mako to answer the questions he doesn’t change her attitude. “Josus, you’re still predictable!”

The two get into a quarrel and Mako is upset that Josus had left for so long and hadn’t bothered to contact her for several years!

Josus redirects the questions back onto his line of thought and asks about his father’s death.

Mako doesn’t know much about the death, but as quickly as Morac (Josus’ uncle) and Mari (Josus’ mother) got together after Jobai’s death the timing looks very suspicious.

Mako’s father (Dorusk Talhem) also transitioned very quickly and easily once Morac absorbed his late brothers intel networks and holdings.

This report from Mako is disturbing at the level in that Mari is aware of Josus’ status as a double agent working for the Rebel Alliance while Morac seems firmly entrenched in the pro Empire faction!

The group decide to hold Mako as a captive in case they need more information.

Wrasp, Josus, and Break Out decide to stake out the Laorl palace to come up with a plan to infiltrate the palace.

This involves a day of hiking and checking out the surrounding forests.

During the day, the trio remain undetected, but find out that the forest has a combination of motion sensors and cameras (all avoided).

The team also monitors the periodic patrols and learn that the security teams lazily follow a fixed route at random times.

There is no ground route to access the palace and several shuttles are seen flying to and from the palace.

Armed with new information the team returns to question Mako but they discover that she has broken her restrains and then snuck off of the Vigilant.

Break Out checks the security camera logs and confirms that Mako tore her restrains lose and then snuck off of the Vigilant while the team was exploring the palace defenses.

Fox also returns and reports her findings from her investigation. The Bothans seem to understand that the Empire is creating another Death Star but don’t have any more details.

More interestingly, Fox was approached with the contract to kill Josus at a dinner party scheduled for two nights following on Fivesday evening at the Laorl palace. And Josus still hasn’t received an invitation!

One uneventful night later, the trio start their Foursday.

Aliz is having issues trying to get a cargo for Geonosis because it’s such and insular world with no regular trade. Even Break Out is at a loss, with his experience. Geonosis is just a black hole of information.

Wrasp suggests that Aliz and the crew focus on picking up a cargo that they could drop off in Hutt space. It should be easy to make a profit there and that should be a sufficient cover story.

Josus then receives a bounty on himself contact his mother with a not so subtle hint that he should show up on Fivesday evening for a formal dinner.

The team set up a follow up meeting with Josus sponsor and they are transported to a fish processing plant, where Cadrec Nitheli is ensuring that his workers are cleaning the latest batch of tuna for processing properly.

Nitheli is brought up to speed on the latest news and the assassination attempt that will likely be attempted the following evening. The team discusses how to infiltrate the palace and concoct a plan involving smuggling Wrasp and Break Out into the palace via one of Nitheli’s catering operations.

Great plan, but Nitheli hasn’t been contracted to do any of the catering! Perhaps Josus could visit mom and pull some strings?

Off to the Laorl palace for a familial visit with Mari (Josus’ mother).

There are some minor delays as Josus isn’t “expected” but after a couple of minutes, the crew are directed to land out front of the facility as a guest.

They are met by Dorusk Talhem (Mako’s father) who greets the trio cautiously. Mari is expecting Josus to meet with him in her quarters where she is busy planning an event.

Dorusk offers to have Josus ‘friends’ taken back to the blue room. Wrasp and Break Out are escorted to the Blue Room by two Weequay guards. Using the force, Wrasp initiates a brawl between the Weequay, buy making the two think that they are insulting each other. Suitably distracted, the Kel Dor and Duros sneak off to try to find the server room.

Meanwhile Josus meets up with Mari, his mother. She has a full staff of people working feverishly to prepare for a dinner the following evening. Josus learns that he is to be the guest of honor for the meal and using that as an opportunity, he recommends a caterer for his preferred meal (and yes it’s one of Nitheli’s companies).

With that arrangement cemented, and with Mari’s invitation, Josus is taken to the kitchens for a nerf burger (Bothan style).

Wrasp and Break Out grab some Laorl livery and pose as computer workers. They are able to locate the computer room, now guarded by a sole Weequay.

After bluffing their way into the server room, the two attack the Weequay guard with stun set blasters, but through an unfortunate mishap, instead of the guard falling to the ground, the guard bumps his head on a hard corner and dies messily.

With the guard taken care of, the two attempt to access the computer systems and gain access to some data. They download basic contact information for Marac’s clients and associates. But there is way too much data for them to get out. But they should be able to acquire sufficient resources by the following evening when they plan on returning.

The two make their way back to the blue room and applaud the two Weequay for their skill and endurance. Pleasantly impressed, the Weequay invite their two charges for some drinks. The guards take Wrasp and Break Out down to the kitchens for a stout pint.

The three PC’s catch up with each other in the kitchen. Now fed and reunited, the three head back to their air car and head back to the Vigilant.

On the trip home, Break Out notices that they are being tailed by a drone. He takes his air car into evasive maneuvers through the trees and is able to loose the droid trailing him.

With no one (and nothing) following, the team safely return to the Vigilant toward the end of the day on Foursday.

As the crew settle in for the night, Fox sits Josus down and lets him know how she’s planning on killing him the next evening.

The crew walk through their plan.

Wrasp and Break Out will sneak into the palace as catering staff with the aid of Goldie. Once they deliver the food to the kitchen, they’ll break off and head to the server room to slice the systems and to start a data transfer to a system under the control of Cadrec Nitheli. The transfer time is estimated to take an hour (or so).

Meanwhile, Josus will show up as the guest of honor for the next evening’s dinner. The arrangements have been made that Fox will be seated next to Josus. She’s supposed to poison his drink. Because Fox is also a medic, she will ‘tend’ to his poisoning.

Fox has made arrangements for Josus’ body to be extracted (ultimately via a catering vehicle) and back to the Vigilant.

Wrasp and Break Out (with Goldie) will ex-fill in the same manner in which they arrived.

Ready with a plan, the crew head off to sleep ready for a busy Fivesday on CD 8-09.