Log 20210607

Calendar Date: Tenth Month, First Day (CD 10-01) at the beginning of the week on Onesday.

It’s been a more relaxing that usual weekend with the previous day having been a rare fifth Lightday of the month.

Wrasp had been called to report to the Special Operations Group office (Rachel Starrunner’s office) but about an hour later Break Out and Slider ares summoned to the SOG office.

GM’s note: The player running Wrasp had texted that he was running late and asked me to “start the game without him.” Since Wrasp is the commander of DC-01 this meant that I needed to get the usual Mission Briefing to the subordinates. Normally when I present a mission briefing I hand a copy of the Mission Briefing to that player and since that player (wisely) suspects that there are enemy spies on his crew, he disseminates only as much as he has to to various members of the crew.

Disconcerted by the request to the SOG office, both Break Out and Slider rush to meet with Rachel.

Rachel greets the two and broaches the delicate subject of who the second in command is for the team.

She informs the two that Wrasp fell ill on his way en-route to her office and she needs them to get the ship prepared and ready for departure.

“So who is in command?”

The Duros and the Bothan pause for a brief moment.

Simultaneously, Break Out raises his hand and announces, “I’m the pilot?” while Slider points at Break Out.

That resolved, Rachel briefs the two on Mission 36 Fascinating Acquisition.

Break Out decides that the best ship to take for this mission is the Starbound Wayfinder because they are hoping to extract up to nine operatives.

Other than that, they’ll leave the team X-Wing and Y-Wings behind. With the ship stores topped up, Break Out believes that the ship is otherwise ready for this mission.

When the two exit Rachel’s office, they find Duster (Celeste Devereaux) and Shiny (Sern) waiting for them in the hall. Duster is the acting engineer and Sern are there, guessing (correctly) that there’s a mission in the brew.

Break Out and the three discuss the need to depart shortly. Sern will gather the crew and Duster heads out to prepare their ship for pre-flight.

Break Out also receives the good news that Wrasp is expected to recover and he is transferred onto the Starbound Wayfinder and he should be able to recover en-route.

The team mobilizes quickly and the Starbound Wayfinder takes off later that day.

Break Out and Slider let the crew know that they are headed to Woostri and that the crew will “mostly” need to look like tourists.

The crew break out into celebration!

Time to reign them in again.

Break Out and Slider caution the crew that they are still on a dangerous mission and they need to be ready to bug out quickly. The leave will only last one day and then the crew need to be ready to depart at a moments notice.

Wrasp does recover just as the ship arrives in system. The crew picks the identity Azure Duster on their Ghost transponder.

The Azure Duster easily gets a berth at the Woostri Starport and are greeted by a C3 series protocol droid.

With the five days that the crew had to prepare for this trip they are now very ready and eager to go get some relaxation and recreation in. However Ghost and Sern offer to stay on the ship in case the team needs support.

The C3 droid directs the “tourists” to the general concourse and the crew need no encouragement.

Now that Wrasp is back on his feet, he takes charge of the mission.

They make arrangements to stay on Woostri for three days for 15,000 credits. They also get directions to advertise for passengers and advert for 5 passengers on a luxury ship charging 5,000 credits (each) for travel to Naboo in three days.

Next they head off to establish contact with the rebel team that they’ve come to extract.

As much as Woostri can claim to have a run down section of town, the Rebel Alliance was able to find it.

When knocking on the door, the occupants demand that they “Leave it at the door!”

Wrasp then asks (through the door) to speak with Driz Poll.

Driz hesitantly answers the door and the two exchange pass codes.

Once assured that he can “Trust” Wrasp, Break Out, and Slider he lets them enter the apartment.

They are greeted by “Filipe” who in turn is introduced as the team commander.

Wrasp lets Filipe know that he is there to extract Filipe’s team immediately because the Empire has deployed a task force to capture or kill his team mates. The force is en-route and expected to arrive on Twosday in about three days.

Further, after Filipe notified his handler that the Empire had installed mining and a refinery facility on the world and that the all of the materials were being shipped to Kinyen, the Alliance requested (recently) that the facility be attacked and disrupted.

Wrasp agrees that the mission to disrupt the facility is a good cause.

Filipe also lets the group know that the attack is planned for tomorrow (Lightday).

Filipe brings up the multi stage attack plan. On the next day, Filipe was planning on taking a stolen Imperial Shuttle and to extract his operatives as they were setting up explosives. Shortly afterward, the various facilities would be damaged or destroyed.

Felipe’s plan was then to fly his team off world in the stolen Imperial shuttle . . .

The other issue with extracting the team immediately is that Felipe does not have communications with the team. They can contact the members locally if on site, but otherwise the teams are incommunicado.

Wrasp decides that with the Imperial forces arriving later than the current extraction plan, they’ll keep the current plan in place. However, they’ll have Break Out fly the shuttle and instead of loading up Felipe’s gear on the shuttle, they’ll load it onto the Azure Duster.

In the meantime, Wrasp will purchase or rent a party boat and anchor it north of the Imperial facility. And instead of trying to escape Woostri on the stolen shuttle, they’ll transfer the personnel onto the party boat and then drive back to starport. Once back to the Azure Duster, they should be able to escape undetected.

Slider, Break Out, and Poll get to work on transferring the luggage, while Wrasp works on securing a rental (purchasing turns out to be too expensive).

Wrasp get’s lucky and is able to secure a rental, but the rental broker won’t be able to turn over and clean the ship, if Wrasp is willing to pick up the ship the next morning.


It’s late at night, when Wrasp wraps up and he heads back to the Azure Duster arriving back to the ship when the rest of his crew returns.

He briefs the crew, letting them know that he’s rented out a party ship and that they should plan on heading out first thing in their vacation clothes.

And there was much rejoicing!

Wrasp and Slider try to cut through the enthusiasm and eventually rein in the celebration. This is going to be mission related! But be ready to party responsibly . . . .

The next morning, and with the party boat being unready, Sern assembles the crew and ensures that the crew has cleaning supplies.

All ready to go, Wrasp realizes that he probably ought to leave a couple of crew behind.

Ghost, the communications specialist volunteers.

Hesitantly, Sern also volunteers and Wrasp concurs. That should do it. (Right)?

As soon as Sern turns her back, the rest of the crew ditch their cleaning supplies.

The plan starts off easily enough.

Wrasp takes his team to the party boat and secures it as promised. Slider, takes the helm and pilots the ship to the designated rendezvous point. (No issues).

Break Out shows up early and hangs out with Felipe and Driz. Being so early, the three head out for a breakfast at a local greasy diner.

Break Out is able to get the Shuttle airborne and pilots this stolen Lambda shuttle along Filipe’s planned course.

Late that morning, Ghost contacts Wrasp and informs him that the local Traffic Control tower was in communications with a Star Destroyer that had just arrived in system.

Much to the protestation of the system controllers, the Star Destroyer takes control of the traffic control for the system as it races toward Woostri.

Ghost identifies the Imperial ship as the “VSD Malady.

Wrasp urges Slider to take the boat to their destination with greater haste . . . and then notifies Break Out.

Undaunted, Break Out proceeds with his plan.

The Imperial Shuttle is detected by the command center for the Refinery and is interrogated.

Break Out explains that he’s on a routine security patrol, to which he is informed that there is a security issue taking place right now and that they need to coordinate their efforts with the “Malady.” Break Out promises to ‘get right on that.’

The mining facilities are huge rings embedded into the ocean and reaching down 150 to 200 feet down to the ocean floor.

Break Out is able to continue his track and picks up his first two teams from two of the mining rings with little incident.

On the way to the third pick up Break Out detects an explosion adjacent to the Refinery. The plan was to breach the sub oceanic dome and to flood out the refinery, contained in the dome. Based on the anemic explosion, it would appear that the explosives went off too early and were insufficient for the job.

While maneuvering to his third pick up, Break Out is approached and buzzed by a new type of TIE Fighter. Something his IFF computer recognizes as a “TIE Advanced.”

Shadowing the new fighter is a brightly painted TIE Interceptor that mostly keeps the new TIE Advanced between itself and Break Out’s Lambda.

There is a quick conversation between Break Out and a woman calling herself “Felicity” but she permits the Duros to continue with his mission.

Once the two TIE’s fly beyond range, Break out then maneuvers to pick up the third Rebel Team, which is a sole Quarren who had piloted a submersible from the refinery dome.

Break Out is able to retrieve the Quarren and shortly after Break Out banks the Shuttle away, the submersible explodes from scuttling charges (set as planned, by the Quarren).

At the fourth pick up, no one is waiting at that mining ring as planned. Felipe radios his teammates and they report that they are in a fight with local security forces and need some help to fight their way out. They’re close to the extraction point!

Filipe grabs his team and they all descend into the mining facility. The water sopped Quarren stays aboard and continues to recover from his physically demanding ordeal.

They don’t have to wait long for the rescue team to return . . .

Moments later a pale skinned human woman wearing gray robes emerges from the hatch leading down into the mine. She also has distinct glowing yellow eyes and once clear of the hatch, she ignites an unmistakable red bladed light saber.

This familiar looking woman is soon flanked by a handful of Mandelorians two of whom are readying anti ship missile launchers!

It’s a dilemma for Break Out. He want’s to conduct a strafing run on the obvious Inquisitress and her Mandalorian escort, but his shields were dropped, while facilitating the extraction of the Rebels.

And his aft sensors also report the arrival of his two previous playmates. The TIE Advanced and the other Interceptor, no doubt in tow!

Facing that much firepower, Break Out opts for a defensive profile, while punching his Lambda to full throttle.

And a good thing too! Due to his evasive maneuvers, the two missiles shot at his unshielded shuttle corkscrew to either side of the Lambda, both missing!

But the TIE Fighters continue to close the distance behind him.

Break Out updates Wrasp and informs his commander that things just got interesting*.

Malcolm Reynolds, “Define ‘Interesting.'”
Walsh, “Oh God, Oh God, we’re all going to die!”

Meanwhile, Felicity is comming to him and encourages him to turn back and to surrender.

When Break Out refuses to surrender, the Quarren puts the barrel of a blaster to the back of his neck and insists that’s the best option available!

Break Out gets out of his immediate pickle by using the Force power Misdirect to make the Quarren think that Break Out stays in the cockpit chair, when Break Out actually slips out and behind the Quarren.

Once ‘safe’ Break Out lightsabers the traitor in two, killing him instantly.

And before the Lambda can pitch down into the ocean, Break Out scrambles back into the pilot’s chair to regain control of the ship!

”The Force is strong in this one . . .”

Break Out raises his shields and vectors toward the preplanned rendezvous point. He know’s that he probably wont get there, but if he can get as close as possible that, makes a possible pick up by Wrasp that much more likely.

Break Out and Wrasp consult privately while the TIE’s close in. The two change their destination slightly. Break Out plots a course that will take him east of the party boat. He will try to ditch the shuttle and then wait for Wrasp (et al) to pick him up.

The TIE’s settle into close range and Break Out angles his deflectors to double Aft and tries (unsuccessfully) to boost his Deflector Shields.

And sure enough that red TIE Interceptor is flying closely behind the well shielded TIE Advanced. It twirls erratically from behind the TIE Advance, unleashing a volley of blaster fire into the Lambda shuttle and then deftly returns to cover behind the TIE Advanced.

The attack doesn’t damage the Lambda but it did wipe out the shielding!

Game Mechanic explanation: I’ve added ray shields to some of the Star Wars ships (including the Lambda shuttle) but have ruled that the shields only regenerate 5 points of damage deflection per turn. At this point the Lambda shuttle only had 10 out of it’s max 20 points of shielding and the Interceptor’s attack was enough to zap the shields but there wasn’t enough damage to get through the Attack Shuttle’s armor.

As a Sabaac player, Break Out realizes that he isn’t holding a great hand . . .

The Party Boat

Wrasp gives Slider the update and the Bothan boat pilot sets a course to approach the shuttle as soon as possible, bringing the engines up to full speed as quickly as possible.

Wrasp updates his crew and asks them to get their weapons ready in case of trouble.

They all return blank stares at him except for Fox who produces her blaster carbine.

Wrasp asks the crew to check the rented party boat to see if there is anything that can be used as a weapon . . .

They end up with a broom handle painted black.

Break Out

The two TIE Fighters behind Break Out continue to attack him and in spite of the shield generators and his evasive maneuvers, the two fighters are slowly damaging his stolen ship.

Its a prolonged fight. Give them one thing, the Empire built their Lambda’s well.

And then the Lambda’s sensors report to Break Out that two more fighters are approaching from his starboard flank (from the direction of the Refinery). The IFF indicates that these two craft are Alpha class fighters. And based on the threat sensor, both of these fighters are attempting a target lock to attack the Lambda with missiles!

Break Out’s shuttle is beginning to fall apart, but his evasive maneuvers break the target lock from the two Alphas.

But that blasted red TIE Interceptor’s attacks are relentless and that pilot is a master at landing blaster bolts into his target.

With all of the damage sensors screaming at him, Break Out begins to cycle for a landing and he attempts to soften the landing into the ocean.

He’s successful enough that Break Out isn’t injured by the crash, but the shuttle won’t ever fly again.

The shuttle quickly begins to sink and Break Out scrambles to find a safe exit.

He needs air and in the cargo compartment, Break Out grabs a space suit. He partially dons the suit and then uses one of the escape hatches to propel himself into the water.

Break Out scrambles to regulate his air so that he doesn’t suffocate.

He’s floating in the Woostri ocean and finds that he has a burning oil slick above him and he watches as the Lambda crumples and breaks up below him. The shuttle settles to the bottom of the ocean a mere 100 feet below Break Out.

It is midday on Lightday circa CD 10-07.