Log 20210614

Lightday DC 10-07 . . .

On the Party Boat

It’s noon on Woostri and Wrasp and Slider have lost contact with Break Out.

Wrasp orders Slider to pilot the ship toward the last know location of Break Out’s stolen Lambda shuttle.

Behind them, Aliz’Fama (Spice) enters the flying bridge on the Mustafar Parrot (The party boat that they rented) and addresses the “Captain.”

Wrasp and Slider both ask for clarification. Slider is technically the captain of the boat and Wrasp is captain of the team . . .

She reports that she is looking for Wrasp and that “her one true love” has found some useful things and he (Devo) wants to show them to the Captain. She continues to explain; below decks they have found some ‘water sleds?’ and also ‘tanks for air?’ Duster and Fox are also below decks with Devo. The Twi’lek woman seems confused and is acting a bit abnormally. She’s hugging herself, just now and her leku are draped in front of her body.

As Wrasp begins to move to the ladder from the bridge, Aliz begins to rush towards Josus’ back! The Twi’lek woman has shown a disturbing interest towards the Bothan and his “soft warm fur.” Before she can reach the pilot, Wrasp intercepts her and envelops her into a dancing hold and begins leading her in a dance, in tune with the music coming from the party below.

Aliz doesn’t resist and buries her head into the Kel-Dor’s shoulder, letting him lead her in the dance, while desperately clinking to the Kel-Dor.

Josus, catch a a wiff of Aliz’ scent (overshadowed by the strong aroma of coconut oil) turns and watches as Wrasp directs the Twi’lek off of the bridge.

She complains at being blocked out, but Wrasp firmly orders the woman to go to Devo and let him know that Wrasp will be there shortly. The team Commander watches Aliz gingerly slowly descend the ladder, while gripping both rails. She quickly races to the next ladder leading to below decks and she hesitates as she makes that decent.

Wrasp: “She’s drunk!”

Slider nods in agreement and gratitude for Wrasp intercepting the troublesome Twi’lek.

Break Out . . .

The Duros tries to get his bearings and fails.

He’s still underwater and spends a couple of minute buttoning up his space suit and figures that he probably has about an hour of air left?

Directly, thirty feet above him there is a burning patch of oil, while the wreckage of the Lambda has both imploded and settled onto the ocean bottom just a hundred feet below.

Once his air is secured, Break Out swims (awkwardly in the bulky suit) to get out from below the patch of oil.

Break Out also wants to head in the direction of his team and takes off in what he thinks is the direction that he was flying.

And then the sharks come into view.

Normally that’s not an issue, but while he was on the Lambda, Break Out lightsabered a Quarren in half and definitely got some of the calamari scented blood on his clothes!

And based on how eagerly the sharks are approaching, it looks like some of it is on the exterior of the flight suit!

Three of the sharks close in and begin nudging him, trying to coordinate for a series of sneak attacks to tear apart the calamari flavored snack that has dropped in on them from the sky above!

Using the Force, Break Out readies himself to fight off the attacking sharks and to fight them off when they come in to do real damage!

Break Out’s mastery is sufficient that he is able to get in a first blow and he is able to pummel the first shark sufficiently to drive it off.

Once he has taught this pack of predators that he won’t be easy prey they back off . . . for now!

Mustafar Parrot

Below Decks

On the main deck, Wrasp leaves Magnum, Doll, & Horns, as Magnum instructs the other two on the finer art of playing with a limbo stick.

The rest of the crew are below decks. Fox is checking out a SCUBA air tank and the compartment also contains six recreational water sleds. Further back Celeste and Devo are checking with the rest of the SCUBA gear.

(Aliz is still hugging herself quietly, but is hovering next to Devo).

Fox begins her explanation but Wrasp stops her. He points out that he remembers his orders to her but he would prefer if his team prepare for underwater operations.

Fox nods her ascent and reports that most of the SCUBA tanks are empty but two of the tanks had bad regulators, so they’re full. They just need fifteen to twenty minutes for Duster and Devo to swap out working regulators.

Wrasp asks Fox if she knows how to use the equipment. She affirms that she does and when she learns that Wrasp doesn’t, the team Medic begins a crash course in how to survive underwater.

Wrasp, casually asks Fox where she was keeping her blaster carbine (as all of the rest of the crew aboard are wearing swim suits). She replies that she keeps her A320-C in her med kit (it’s a small back pack). And she always brings the med kit with her because she’s a medic and needs to be ready to render emergency aid wherever she goes).

Break Out

Break Out realizes that he has a Force power that will help him find his friends. Reaching out to the Force and focusing to find the direction that his friends are in, he realizes that he’s actually swimming away from them . . .

So he turns around and keeps on swimming.

Mustafar Parrot

On the Bridge, Slider notices a distinctive black pillar of smoke rising into the sky pointing to his destination. Via close range comms, Slider notifies Wrasp of the new development.

Shortly after that, Slider receives a radio call from “Theta Flight” addressing the “Mustafar Parrot.”

It takes Slider a couple of seconds to realize that’s the ship that he’s on, but affecting the characteristics of a lost tourist, he replies, “Oh! That’s me! Yeah? What do you want?”

Theta Flight, informs Slider that the “emergency” that he’s headed toward is under control and that he doesn’t need to attempt to render aid. Further his course is taking him into a “hazardous area” and that he needs to stop traveling south. He needs to change course by at least 90 degrees . . .

Slider tries to explain that his radio doesn’t seem to be working all that well and . . . Slider turns the radio off while continuing his course . . .

“Wrasp! They know we’re coming!”

Wrasp and Fox take their training up to the Bridge.

Shortly, two Alpha Fighters (flying in formation) begin flying around and circling the Mustafar Parrot.

With no response from the party boat, the two Alpha class fighters begin making passes perpendicular to the southerly course of the ship and then waving their wings as they just get in front of the ship.

Wrasp asks Slider what the Alpha fighters are up to and Slider explains the situation.

Wrasp is really tempted to get on the radio. After a small debate and one more fly-by Wrasp turns the radio back on.

And the fighter pilots are in mid warning letting the crew know that they are about to open fire if the ship doesn’t change course NOW!

Wrasp explains that they are having engine trouble (please don’t shoot us) and nods for Slider to kill the engines.

Theta Flight, lets the Mustafar Parrot know to prepare to be boarded as they’ll vector a technical team to their boat to aid them with their repairs . . .

Wrasp tries to backtrack and lets them know that he has a good mechanic working on it and they don’t need assistance with the repairs.

And then the southern sky turns a blinding shade of white.

As the blinding light dims to normal levels, the southern skyline is back-dropped with a nuclear sized mushroom cloud.

Wrasp suggests that the fighter pilots tend to the real emergency going on behind them.

Theta informs Wrasp that they’re task with perimeter security and right now the Mustafar Parrot is their job.

Break Out

Keep on swimming . . .

Suddenly, the water above Unsien Mos roils and churns violently for a couple of minutes.

Fortunately he’s staying well below the surface so he is otherwise not affected by the passing tsunami.

Back at the Mustafar Parrot

Slider warns the passengers about the impending shock-wave that is bound to be headed their way, and he steers the ship into the oncoming wave.

It’s a rough ride, but Slider gets them through the wave of water unscathed.

Right after the turmoil, Wrasp and Fox, with the fighters still circling, sneak into the water and begin their trip to try to rescue Break Out.

Meanwhile, Slider keeps his ship at station.

Using the recreational sleds, Wrasp and Fox head South. Wrasp uses his Sense Force power to locate Unsien Mos.

Break Out

Break Out has been in the water for a bit and decides to head to the surface and see if there’s anyone around.

Unsien is surprised to find one of the TIE Advanced Fighters hovering close by. And facing him!

Quickly, Break Out ducks back down and quickly tries to get as much distance between him and the lingering fighter!

A couple of minutes later, an object is dropped into the water not too far from him.

It’s big and though it stays below the surface, it has a certain buoyancy and doesn’t sink to the bottom.

Curiosity compels Break Out to check out this odd object, but as he gets close enough to see details, Mos realizes that this is a sonar buoy and based on the Imperial markings, its been dropped to help his pursuers to locate him!

Break Out grabs his lightsaber and uses it to destroy this sensor suite!

And then he swims as fast as he can with an added sense of urgency.

Unfortunately, unwanted guests drop in for a visit.

Six Mandalorian’s drop into the ocean into a circle around him. Once they get their bearings, they begin to slowly close in on the lone Duros.

Each Mando has the traditional armor, but instead of wearing jet packs, they seem to have underwater maneuver thrusters that are expediting their movement. They are also all wielding nine foot long electro-spears.

But the Force is strong with this one . . .

Using his Misdirect Force Power, Unsien makes himself invisible to all of the Mandalorians except for the one immediately behind him. (Mos can mask himself from up to five people).

Testing his powers, Mos continues to swim up to the Mandalorian in front of him and his intent is to wrestle the spear from that Mando.

But in spite of their inability to ‘see’ Break Out, all of the Mandelorians are still moving in concert to intercept the fleeing Duros.

However as Break Out closes in on his first victim, that Mandalorian is frantically trying to visually see him. Break Out is able to grapple the spear successfully from it’s owner.

But he’s fighting a Mandelorian and the Mando lashes out and hits Break Out hard.

Break Out needs to end this fight fast! He won’t be able to trade blows with this guy alone!

Mos opts for his lightsaber, in spite of the fact that the energy weapon has a tendency to heat up when ignited underwater.

His attack is decisive and he kills the Mandalorian opponent with a single attack.

And in the distance, Mos notices the approach of vehicular lights. They’re the water sleds propelling Wrasp and Fox!

One of the Mando soldiers swims over toward Break Out, but swims above the Duros. At the last moment the soldier drops a grenade! Clearly the intent is to let it drop toward Break Out and then explode once it gets into close proximity to the ‘invisible’ soldier.

Mos uses the Force to move the grenade away from him and toward the other Mandalorians!

However he’s clipped in the explosion (as well as nearly all of the other Mandelorans)!

A third Mandalorian moves into melee range with the Duros as Wrasp and Fox arrive to help Break Out fight off that Mandelorian.

Break Out is able to fight off the grappling attempt by the Mandalorian, but the trick was that this Mando was trying to attach one of the concussion grenades to the Duros! Having failed to wrestle the grenade onto his opponent, the Mando retreats and just leaves the grenade there!

Break Out propels the grenade away from himself again! But not far enough to shield himself and his two friends from the shockwave.

Wrasp swoops in, using the sled to close the distance and swipes at the latest Mando attacker with his lightsaber. Wrasp severely wounds the Mando, who continues to flee back to the surface.

Unable to achieve their intended attacks, the Mandos back off and that allows, Wrasp and Fox to grab Break Out.

The three flee on their scooters and return to the Mustafar Parrot.

By the time Wrasp, Fox, and Break Out return to the party ship, the Alpha fighters have departed the area.

Fox starts tending to any wounds that Break Out might have, especially since he’s pretty bloody under his stolen space suit. Fortunately, its all someone else’s blood. Break Out’s wounds are mostly bruises.

Fox weights down and pitches the Imperial flight suit over the side of the boat.

Slider gets his ship underway headed East back to civilization and reports to the local Imperial controllers that his mechanic was able to restore power to the ship. No assistance is required.

The team checks in with Ghost and let her know that they’re headed back. Ghost reports to Wrasp (now that she is able to reach his communicator) that the Empire sent a message ‘in the clear’ about arrangements to transfer prisoners onto the Malady.

The ship returns as the sun is setting at the end of a very long day.

Wrasp asks the crew to not all return to the Azure Duster in one group and asks his crew to stagger their return, so that their association with the ‘accident’ at the Imperial mining facility doesn’t look as coincidental.

The crew ask Wrasp how much time they have before they need to return!

Wrasp asks that they return by morning and before he can finish that thought, the crew heads out for another night on the town!

Fox joins Wrasp, Slider, and Break Out as they return to the ship. All four are exhausted and eager to get some shut eye.

Fortunately, when Wrasp, Slider, and Break Out awaken the next morning everyone seems to have returned to the ship by breakfast time.

Wrasp asks Ghost to summon everyone to the Galley and orders Cop to sound the collision alarm.

Reluctantly, Ghost sounds the alarm (even though the ship is still berthed on the planet) and then announces the assembly.

Wrasp asks for a roll call to ensure that everyone is aboard and Sern confirms that everyone is aboard and accounted for.

The next order of business; Wrasp asks if anyone showed up for passage to Naboo and Sern reports that there have been no inquiries.

Mash (Magnum) asks about the other passengers that they were expecting and Wrasp reports that they’re either dead or captured. Long story short, this mission has been compromised. In part there was a traitor working on the other team.

Wrasp voices some of the options that he’s considering, but ultimately they decide to bug out as soon as possible. There is also unfinnished business on Geonosis that they need to take care of and Slider has unfinnished personal affairs to handle on Bothawui. He asks Ghost to see if they can get clearance to take off.

She heads to the bridge and moments later reports that they’ll be clear to take off in one hour.

Wrasp asks Break Out to prepare for flight to Bothawui.

That solved, Wrasp asks his crew to prepare for take off and they disperse to handle those arrangements: (Celeste and Devo head to the aft Engineering section to pre-flight the engines, Unsien takes left seat on the bridge, while Cop takes her position at the comms/sensor section. Aliz and Sern check the various hatches and double check that the hull is space worthy). The Trip to Bothawui will take six days and that will ultimately have the ship and crew arrive to the Bothan system early on Lightday CD 10-14.

Slider takes Wrasp aside and has a favor. He’d like to get his fur dyed black. Back on his home world he’s considered dead and he’d like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, among his family, his appearance is quite distinctive.

Pa Pooga calls Aliz to his office where the three can discuss their plans in private.

Aliz and Sern show up and Pooga informs Aliz of their plans to recolor Josus’ fur so that he can walk around Bothawui incognito. Pooga needs Aliz to head into town and to purchase the needed supplies and to take care of the arrangements of recoloring Josus.

Aliz’ immediate reaction is to point at her leku and ask why Pooga thinks she would know anything about hair, let alone changing it’s color!

Sern steps in and assures the Captain that she can get with some of the other women on the crew and that she’ll return as soon as possible.

Sern and Celeste secure the needed supplies and the ship takes off and exits the system without incident. The VSD Malady seems to take no notice of their cargo ship as it makes its departure.

Once in hyperspace, the women on the crew start making their arrangements for Slider’s transformation, laying out plastic and preparing one of the chairs for his ordeal.

They bring him into the corner of the galley prepared and ask him to undress down to his skivvies.

Aliz, interjects and suggests that he remove those too, but her intentions seem less than innocent.

Josus orders the overly inquisitive Twi’lek out of the galley, much to her disappointment but to the amusement of the rest of the crew.

It takes several hours, but the women transform Josus Laorl for his new identity. For the next phase of this mission he’ll be going by the name Cree Sendesu with the call sign of “Razor.”

Later . . .

Wrasp summons Aliz and Sern to his office. He wants a dedicated quartermaster for his crew and is assigning that task to Aliz.

To help offset her new duties, he asks Sern to take the assignment of Loadmaster, but to still report to Aliz as her immediate supervisor.

Both women accept the change easily.

Later still . . .

Devo calls on the Captain with a concern.

Hesitantly Devo lays out that he would like to get more serious in his relationship with Aliz and that he’d like to . . .

“Get Married? That’s great!” Wrasp interrupts, “Do you want me to officiate?”

Not quite yet. Sure Devo is moving into that direction, but first he needs to take care of something else.

Pa Pooga has Aliz dottir (often mistaken for the English word ‘daughter’) and Devo needs to purchase that before the two can be married . . .

Since the topic of Aliz dottir has been a topic of considerable confusion, Pooga ask Devo if he actually knows what he’s actually talking about.

Devo assures Pooga that Aliz has explained the whole thing to him and that he’d like to try to open negotiations.

Pooga has no problem just giving the dottir to Devo, but that makes Devo more uncomfortable. In Aliz society that would devalue her. Pooga paid her father 10,000 credits for her and Devo should pay more so that her value won’t be diminished.

But Devo has only saved up 3,000 credits so far . . .

Wrasp comes up with an immediate solution and opens up the ships purse where he retrieves 10,000 credits and hands it to Devo. That way Devo can pay Wrasp 13,000 for Aliz ‘dottir’ to satisfy the Twi’lek’s sensibilities.

To complete the ritual, Devo will return the next day with Aliz so that they can conduct the deal.

So the next morning (Foursday 10-11) Pooga calls his pilot, Unsien Mos, without letting the Duros in on the deal to witness the transference of Aliz dottir.

In part Mos is also the acting bookkeeper for the ship so he also needs to ‘record’ the transaction for the purse . . .

There isn’t much to the transaction. Devo hands the 13,000 credits to Wrasp and with that the dottir transfers to Devo. Aliz squeals in delight and leaps upon her one true love in an enthusiastic embrace.

The two love birds leave and Mos asks what that was all about!

Pooga lets Mos know that they just netted 3,000 credits to the ships purse and if any one ASKS, Devo got the 10,000 from Mos.

. . . uh. Sure? . . .

The Azure Duster continues its journey to Bothawui and should arrive in three days . . .