Log 20210712

With their luncheon concluded, their Bothan hosts depart the restaurant.

However, Break Out is succumbing to his drink and is becoming weak and sick!

Wrasp calls out to the waitress for help!

She’s not sure what to do about the Duro’s unusual reaction to his drink and asks if she should contact Emergency Medical Services. Wrasp concurs and she scuttles off to call EMS.

Razor (formerly Josus Laorl and now going by the alias Cree Sendesu) notices that Mari and Mako have hastily departed and that Unsien is turning an unnatural shade of green that Duros aren’t supposed to turn! Razor joins his two companions.

Break Out is still mostly lucid but is complaining that he may not be able to hold the contents of his stomach!

The waitress returns and calmly explains that EMS has been contacted and that their host has taken care of the cost of this meal. She then asks them if they would be interested in a take home box for the uneaten portions of their meal?

Ignoring the distress of his Duros pilot, Wrasp decides that he DOES want the 32 slices of fine meat for later.

Cree informs Pa Pooga that they should not rely on the local medical services.

Pooga concurs and indicates that he is intending to have Fox take care of Unsien Mos. And then Pooga realizes that their aircar is with the valet parking!

The two grab Mos and guide their stricken friend out of the restaurant.

While Pooga hands the aircar voucher to the attendant a Weequay calls out to them from behind saying, “Oh it’s you!”

Pooga’s initial response is to ignore the Weequay and to just be on his way, but the Mercenary is up for a conversation.

It’s the same commander who boarded Wrasp’s ship during their last visit and he and his men have added Disintegrator Pistols to their ensemble, and the Weequay is very open about his new acquisition, pointing out that he armed his men with these weapons on the off chance that his crew ever came across Wrasp’s team in the future.

The Weequay commander is still looking for payback for Wrasp disintegrating his crewmate! The Weequay gestures to the distressed crewman and asks Pooga if he’s willing to offer the Duros as a method of repayment . . .

“NO!” Wrasp repeats his offer to hire the Weequay but is . . . declined.

The valet brings the car about and Cree Sendesu jumps into the pilots couch while Wrasp gets Mos and himself situated.

They fly straight to the starport and onto the Azure Duster. Wrasp also calls ahead and lets Fox know to be ready for Mos as a casualty.

She asks what is wrong and is upset to learn that the Duros actually drank any of the Bothan blood wine. With the prognosis, she leaves the Azure Duster to secure an anti-toxin for Mos.

By the time the team arrives most of the crew is outside and waiting to help get Mos aboard and to the infirmary.

Wrasp and Razor note that the cargo bay is empty, indicating that the crew has finished unloading the ship.

Once Mos is settled into the med bay, Celeste gestures to talk to Wrasp.

Celeste informs the Captain that she’s moved Dorn (the older Woostroid stowaway) to a new cabin as she’d caught him earlier that day trying to sneak off.

Wrasp stops Celeste. Before he talks to Dorn, he asks to interview his sister Dria. He asks that the young woman be paged and to join them in the galley.

Dria, (after being summoned by Cop’Ruchi) races up the galley ladder, wearing a tool belt festooned with cleaning tools and supplies. The young Woostradi is motioned over to Pooga who sits her down.

In the intervening time, while waiting for Dria to arrive, Pooga had taken the left over raw meat from the restaurant and cooks it up. He has a piece ready for Dria when she arrives and he offers her a bite to which she accepts.

(And Dria seems to enjoy the treat quite a bit).

Pooga asks the girl if she knows what her brother has been up to, and Dria replies that she only knows that Dorn was looking for an opportunity to make some money so that the two could get settled on Bothawui. But Dria doesn’t know what those details are.

Satisfied with her answers, Pooga dismisses Dria to return to her cleaning duties.

Celeste then leads the Captain to the guest room housing the other Woostradi and draws her blaster.

Pooga has her ‘hold on’ and asks Celeste to explain what happened.

Celeste holsters her heavy blaster and reports that she noticed Dorn trying to slip away from the Azure Duster. Celeste followed him and asked him what he was up to and the youth explained that he was sneaking off to find ‘the Empire’ and to report the ship and crew as rebel agents so that Dorn could collect a reward!

Pooga nods and asks Celeste to unlock the hatch to Dorn’s new cabin and nods to Cree to see if he’s ready.

Celeste, again, draws her blaster pistol and opens the hatch.

Dorn is still there and his hands are bound with duct tape. Celeste had also taped his mouth shut too.

Pooga has Cree remove the tape slowly (to try to minimize the pain).

When asked, Dorn repeats his story and confirms Celeste’s report.

Wrasp interviews the Woostradi in detail, asking a lot of clarification questions.

Dorn is trying to earn some quick credits, but Pooga counters that the Empire would never pay the Woostradi for ‘reporting’ on the team. And the youth would likely be sent to a work camp instead!

Pooga then asks Celeste to retrieve the younger sister as he wants to talk to both kids.

Dria, is shocked to see that her brother has been bound (and is still) and freaks out a bit.

Dorn is unbound and the discussion continues.

Dorn would be ‘happier’ with a ‘computer terminal’ type of job and the youth points out that there are six gunnery stations that have computer terminals! Pooga promises to consider the request (especially if the lad will stay on with the crew long term).

They rehash the discussion about whether or not the two Woostradi are ‘prisoners’ or ‘unpaid workers with jobs.’ Especially in light of the fact that they are no where near their intended destination of Naboo. And can they just leave? Here on Bothawui?

Pooga, after a lengthy discussion, asks the two Woostradi to discuss their options and to let him know (later) what they want to do, so that the Captain can make appropriate plans to accommodate the two kids.

They are left under the careful watch of Celeste and/or Sern.

Cree Sendesu and Pa Pooga turn back to their primary mission.

Josus (aka: Cree) has another old friend to check in with. Josus puts together a prerecorded holo message for Rayne Keeras. He’ll have Wrasp approach Rayne as an intermediary for a private investigator hired by the late Josus, into the investigation of Josus’ death . . .

Using his bounty hunter data resources, Josus is able to locate Rayne’s current address. Rayne has married an industrialist and she lives downtown in one of the posh high rises of Drev’starn (Bothawui’s capitol city).

Wrasp and Razor head out via their aircar and locates the apartment.

While Razor stays in the aircar and Wrasp heads up, they open up a communications channel so that Razor can listen to the interaction.

Wrasp asks to visit with Rayne and is admitted to a meeting.

Rayne listens patiently to the holorecording and then shrugs indifferently. She doesn’t know how she could be of help as Josus is dead and that there’s nothing that a private investigator would be able to do.

With the message delivered, Wrasp produces his open communicator and introduces Razor, the hired investigator (of whom he is but a simple courier).

The player was using the Christian Bale ‘Batman’ voice while using his Cree Sendesu persona and adopted that for his conversation with Rayne.

Rayne attended Josus’ funeral and while the manner of Josus death was sufficiently violent to warrant a closed casket, Rayne did observe his body burning during the funeral pyre.

Metagaming: the players suspect that Josus’ enemies used the body of Cadrec Nitheli, Josus’ Bothan sponsor!

Razor asks about Nitheli’s disappearance and it confirms that Nitheli was arrested within days of the teams raid on the Laorl mansion and Josus’ “death.”

Razor confirms that Nitheli was arrested before the funeral as well!

But other than that, Rayne is tight lipped. After all, what could a sole private investigator do to get ‘revenge’ on Josus’ death? After all, Morac Laorl (Josus uncle) is being lionized as the hero who unmasked and helped capture a now confirmed rebel agent! And due to his latest victory, Morac is now being considered for a position on the Bothan Councel!

So what does a lowly private investigator think they could accomplish against that kind of foe?

Razor makes a couple of inquiries to try to learn some new clues, but Rayne refuses to answer.

Taking a risk, Josus drops his facade as a separate private investigator and reveals that he isn’t actually dead!

That changes everything for Rayne, now that she recognizes his voice and after she confirms her friend’s identity.

The data that Cadrec Nitheli stole from Marac Laorl was retrieved by Marac. If Josus want’s that, he’ll need to get it from his uncle.

Rayne volunteers that the Laorl mansion is under renovations. Further she reports the location where the Laorl clan is staying currently. (They’re staying in another apartment tower in downtown Drev’starn and occupy the top three floors of that tower).

When asked about the black sites where pro Alliance Bothans disappear to, Rayne answers that her husband’s firm was contracted to manufacture a number of these ‘reeducation camps’ but that Rayne doesn’t have access to specific locations. Razor and Wrasp want to know where Cadrec Nitheli (if he’s alive) and Wonn Kongurss (another pro Alliance Bothan) are located. Rayne doesn’t know if or where either agent would be housed, but is willing to make some inquiries.

Razor returns to the subject of the family data files that Marac retrieved from Cadrec Nitheli. Rayne doesn’t know where those would be located but recommends that Josus talk to Mako (his former girl friend).

Josus and Rayne establish a communications protocol and then Wrasp departs her apartment.

The two decide to head over to the apartment building housing the Laorl clan.

The front lobby has obvious security and the two check out the perimeter of the building and find that it has a loading dock and is receiving two shipments.

Razor and Wrasp head to the loading area on foot. One of the trucks is unloading a shipment of flowers. Razor is able to sneak into the receiving bay, but Wrasp is stopped by the security guard supervising the cargo area, but Wrasp convinces the guard that he’s part of the group delivering the flowers. Wrasp heads into the back of the cargo craft, dons a delivery cap (left by another worker) and grabs a flower pot.

The two head to the loading elevator and ride up with the other delivery guys on the way up.

They banter with the other delivery guys on the way up and when Wrasp asks about the weekend and gambling opportunities, they’re recommended to put their money on Slippery Syd at the local Sling course this weekend.

Moments later the team gets to the top level (the other workers departed several floors below) and since they’re in the cargo elevator, they come out in the back storage area.

It looks like the Laorl clan has recently arrived but most of the shipping boxes are still being stored here for future use.

When the two approach the entrance hatch leading deeper into the apartment the hatch opens and the two find themselves face to face with Mari (Josus’ mother) and Mako!

The two women recognize Wrasp and a Mari demands to know why Wrasp is inside their apartment.

As caustic as the accusations are and Mari’s not buying the “hired by a private investigator” angle, Wrasp makes the gut decision to pull the two female Bothans into the loading area and to close the hatch, so that no one can walk into this conversation.

However, Mako resists, pushing Mari back into the home while allowing herself to be grappled into the loading area.

Once cornered and separated, they reveal to Mako that Josus is still alive!

She’s happy to see her old beau still alive. Mako embraces Josus and points out that her tear ducts moistened during his funeral.

Mako points out that they should probably leave now though . . .

The two start to ask Mako questions, rapid fire to try to get details about their investigation.

At first Mako tries to answer a couple of these quickly, but keeps injecting that they should probably leave now.

Before they can get too much further the Laorl security mercenaries open the hatch and draw weapons on Wrasp and Razor!

Wrasp works to ‘negotiate’ their retreat, but using Mako as a ‘hostage’ they make their way out of the building and escape the area with their aircar.

They take Mako back to their ship.

Mako is willing to help Josus on his mission and the conversation turns to what course of action is best at this point?

Two obvious options seem to be:

  • Count of Monte Cristo
  • John Wick

That evening, a “Balosar” approaches the ship and asks to speak to Pa Pooga, and Pooga is informed.

When he disembarks the Azure Duster and asks what is wanted the Balosar replies, “Ah you are Pooga with wraspy voice. Here!”

The agent hands Pooga a data disk and then turns and leaves without another word.

The message disk has a note from Soshu the Hutt and she has a transport job for Pooga. She wants Wrasp to pick up and smuggler her a batch of Bothan mink pelts to Nar Shaddah and wants delivery in three days. (The trip to Nar Shaddah will take two days)! She’s offering to pay a million credits for this shipment, but needs it “now.”