Hosnian Prime (M12)

Currently, Hosnian Prime is a resort world and hosts a Regional Headquarters for Galactic Core South operations.

Hosnian Prime is also a major trade center as it is directly on the Corellian Trade Spine.

Hosnian Prime Orbital Restaurant. This is a large privately run orbital structure which is a restaurant. The food is expensive, awesome, and the menu is diverse enough to cater to just about any of the dominate space faring races. In addition to the main venue, there are scores of lounges that cater to the individual species with low key entertainment and adjoining bars. There is also a ‘wine cellar’ which devotes itself to a quiet after dinner environment with subdued lighting. The ‘wine cellar’ offers a wide array of desert with its wide wine selection. Though a cosmopolitan attraction for Hosnian Prime, Imperial Officers have begun to dominate and insulate the human specific areas of the establishment.
This restaurant has a planet side reception that has shuttles departing (and arriving) every 20 minutes. Smaller ships (Sil 4 and less) in orbit can make a reservation and dock at the Orbital Restaurant.

Prime Estates is the capital and administrative center of the world. It is also the vacation home of several of the Galaxys’ rich and famous. Security for the wealthier enclaves is very high. The starport for Prime Estates will only allow Sil 3 or smaller vessels to land and will not permit any trade or commercial shipping. They are simply ‘too busy’ to permit that type of shipping at this port.

Keyosaki is the Mercantile trade port of Hosnian Prime. Keyosaki houses mercantile warehouses, industry, trade exchanges, and of course, the world’s busiest commercial starport. Keyosaki is located about one hour away from Prime Estates, by Air Car traffic.

Czerka Arms has a third starport and an industrial factory and town which caters to the production and delivery of heavy weapons systems (Ship mounted arms).

Notable NPC’s

  • Lieutenant Katama Andbea Imperial logistics agent.
  • Captain Sask Minsk Andbea’s superior officer.
  • Dagald Gwildigoc is a sales representative with Czerka Arms.