Innton (M18)

Innton is an unremarkable world located in a system not far from the Triton (M18) system just west of Triton. The world, Innton II does have a small and very unremarkable colony, which is barely self sufficient. There is also a small rebel base located in the wreckage of a lost spaceship, the Nova Defiant on the surface of this world.

Inntown: the Colony

This is a very new and small colony. The local governors have agreed to keep the location and existence of the Rebel Base a secret, in part because the rebels have agreed to help ship in needed equipment and supplies.

Defiant Core

Defiant Core is the rebel base and is located just off of “The Scar.” The base was originally built by Separatists during the clone wars using components salvaged from the Nova Defiant.

Rebel Command Crew

  • Commander Colljosh Wisson is the new base commander for Defiant Core.
  • Rachel Starrunner is the new SOG coordinator for the SOG teams operating out of Innton.
  • Calvama aka “Cal’” (callsign: “Defiant 2”); Human (m). Sensor/Radio Operator in the command center.
  • Liana Ziveri – (callsign: “Defiant 7”) Twi’lek (female) (Spy) Slicer, FSE formerly played by Terri. Liana is a slicer specialist. (Former callsign was “Indigo”).
  • Serifas Vershyny (Arkanian F) – Mother of Choten and now a staff medic for Defiant Core.
  • Cpt Ray Donvan is the former commander of Defiant Core. He’s out of his element and overwhelmed. He’s also too proud to admit his failings. He is an experienced builder and that’s what put him in charge of this station. He’s been transferred to “Echo” Base.

Maintenance Technicians

  • Ji Kez, Sullustian (m) Starship crew maintenance Chief. He’s understaffed, has the needed tools, but needs additional supplies.
  • Biqtu; Mirialan (f) is Jor’s supervisor. She’s been in the rebellion for a while and has taken Jor under her wing. She’s a tough, capable mechanic. They are part of engineer team Delta.
  • Jor Doosan; Human (m) is a city kid and this is his first introduction to the “wilderness.” He is out of his element and considered a screw up by most of the other rebels, but he’s actually a pretty capable mechanic, given half a chance.
  • Keakol Cutwit aka “Cutter”; Human (m) also on Biqtu’s crew. Shot by Apex.
  • Rylairvi Howrev aka “Howie” ; Human (m) also on Biqtu’s crew.

Notable Pilots

  • Bekso Twee, Gran (m) Z-95 Pilot. Element Lead. Quiet and intense.
  • Nha Torgou, Mon Cal (f) Z-95 Pilot. She’s brash and defiant and wears turquoise lipstick.
  • Leenb Bet, Sullustian (m) Z-95 Pilot. He’s very new to the Rebellion. Quick to laugh, but still learning the ropes.

Miscellaneous Crew

  • Nath Searrail, Bothan (m). He’s a traveling spy who comes and goes as he pleases. He will often check in with Ray Donvan, pick up food & supplies, and bug out for his next “appointment.” Nath runs a “courier service” out of his U-Wing, under the moniker ‘Chjovek Wings Lightning Courier’ – CWLC. His ship is called Chjovek 027. Nath, “Works for the family in the family business.”
  • Kel Van is the DEFAC chief.

SOG Team DC-02. (Human Infiltration and Recon Team. All are male).

  • Chand Arley (aka: Fish Fry); Commander
  • Ryek Serzen (aka: Spanner); Pilot/Engineer
  • Leff Starbright (aka: Squeeks); Comms specialist
  • Zil Nendrik (aka: Holo); Slicer