SOG DC 01 Crew

Special Operations Group: Defiant Core Team 01 Roster

CLASSIFIED: Top Secret! If you are not cleared for the following data do not proceed!

Player Characters

  • Pa Pooga (WRASP) [Male Kel Dor]
    Notable features: Green Skinned and his voice is raspy sounding. Wrasp is the acting team Commander and ships Captain. Wrasp is a ranked commander in the Rebel Alliance.
  • Fiaye K’faiya (BOOMER) [Female Mirialan]
    Notable features: Green Skin, black hair, dark eyes, facial tattoos (typical for Mirialans). Boomer is the ships Engineer and team Demolitions expert.
  • Josus Laorl (SLIDER) [Male Bothan]
    Notable features: Dirty blonde fur, Yellow eyes, w/ chip in his right ear. Lengthy main hair is worn in a pony tail. Slider holds a current Imperial Peace Keeping Certificate (IPKC). Slider is a capable combatant and his battle station is the Ventral Turret Gunnery Station.
  • Unsien Mos (BREAK OUT) [Male Duros]
    Notable Features: Blue skin, Red Eyes, Bald. Unsien is the crew’s primary pilot.

Non Player Characters

  • Aliz’Fama (SPICE) [Female Twi’lek]
    Notable Features: Orange skin, Yellow eyes, wide set jaw, 5′ 10″ and curvaceous build. Spice speaks with a thick Twi’lek accent. Spice is the Chief Loadmaster and her Battle Station is Gunner Battery 2 (Forward Starboard Weapons Station). Spice is considered a non-combatant support crew. Spice is from Roon (S15) and is the daughter of a ‘simple’ farmer. Spice was liberated from slavery by DC01 and joined the team subsequent to completing RA Basic Training.
  • Celeste Devereaux (DUSTER) [Female Human]
    Notable Features: Pale skin, Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5′ 08″ average build. Duster is the co-pilot and acts as an assistant engineer. She is listed as a capable combatant. Duster is from a colony located within the Corporate Security Authority and was one of the original members of DC01.
  • Cop’Ruchi (GHOST) [Female Twi’kel]
    Notable Features: Green skin, Dark hazel eyes, 5′ 10″ height and typical Twi’lek thin build. Ghost is the ships Communications/Sensor Operator. Ghost is considered a non-combatant support crew. Ghost is from Roon (S15) and was attending University at Ultimeroon when she was enslaved. Ghost’s parents live within the city of Ultimeroon. With Spice, Ghost was also liberated from slavery by DC01 and joined the team subsequent to completing RA Basic Training and serving a stint as a Sensor Operator in the Fleet.
  • Sern (SHINY) [Female Mirialan]
    Notable Features: Green Skin, short black hair, but she has no tattoos! (highly unnatural) 5′ 06″ lithe build. Shiny is the assistant loadmaster and her Battle Station is Gunner Battery 3 (Aft Starboard Weapons Station). Shiny is considered a combatant and is know to be Force Sensitive, but the crew (correctly) considers her a weak combatant. Shiny has a mysterious background and was picked up and recruited from Naboo(O17).
  • Kyredevo Rapscree (DEVO/METHANE) [Male Human]
    Notable Features: White skin, Heart shaped face, thick brown bowl cut hair, Unremarkable brown eyes, 5′ 10′, lithe slim build. Devo is a quiet man and tends to hang back in the background. Hammer is a non-combatant support crew and an Able Bodied Crew with his Battle Station being Gunnery Station 4 (Aft Port). Devo has received RA basic training and has excelled in combat training and stealth. Devo was a dropout from the Imperial Academy and was originally one of Hammer’s friends hired by Wrasp as a ships gunner.
  • Amolle Vulpine (FOX) [Female Human]
    Notable Features: White Skin, Reddish Dark Brown hair with greying temples, White skin. Team’s medic. No battle station.
  • Mash Biliggass (MAGNUM) [Human Male]
    Notable Features: Tanned Skin, Dark Black Curly Hair & thick mustache, Hazel Eyes. Gunner for Battery Four.
  • Xargub Ved (DOLL)
  • Anvo Neji (TUSK)

Former Crewmen

  • Marhan Gadhann (STITCHES) [Female Human (Mandalorian)]
    Notable Features: Red Hair, Green Eyes, tanned skin, and wears Mandalorian style armor. Stitches is the team medic and capable combatant. Her battle station is the Dorsal Turret Gunnery Station.

    A former player character, we lost the player due to the economic chaos and government mandated closures of most businesses as a response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

  • Rogjar Pullwalp (HAMMER) [Male Human]
    Notable Features: White skin, Brown curly hair; sideburns, square face, warm brown eyes, 5′ 10″ Average build. Hammer has an easy smile and is a natural leader. Hammer acts as the Gunnery Officer and his Battle Station is Gunner Battery 2 (Forward Port). Hammer has received RA basic training but is considered a non-combatant support crew. Hammer was a dropout from the Imperial Academy but is considered an Able Bodied Crew. It was eventually determined that Hammer was an Imperial spy working for the ISB.