DEVO – Kyredevo Rapscree

Male Human
5′ 10″, Average build, Heart shaped face, White skin, Thick straight brown helmet cut hair, Unremarkable Brown eyes.
Code Name: Devo
Rank: Able Bodied Crewman
Devo is not force sensitive

Devo is easy to overlook and excelled in stealth during Basic Training. Devo is an average combatant.
Devo’s crew assignment is Gunnery Station Three. He often also assists with cargo handling when needed.
Devo recently picked up a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and always has a combat knife on his person. He prefers to use sneak attacks or ambush when attacking.
Devo bunks in Room Seven with Aliz’Fama (They’ve become an ‘item’).
Devo will occasionally use his former room Five when Aliz needs to entertain.