DUSTER – Celeste Devereaux

Female Human
5′ 08″, Pale White Skin, Average Build, Long Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, No distinguishing marks.
Code Name: Duster
Rank: Agent
Lightsaber: Green Dantari Crystal

Duster has a cool, confident, and warm personality. Duster is the longest surviving member of DC-01 and is a capable assistant in most cases. While off duty, she tends to migrate towards the closest Sabacc table.
Duster is the Co-Pilot of the Starbound Wayfinder riding right seat to Break Out. She also assists Boomer in engineering in assisting in repairs. Duster is a capable combatant in the field and a great gunnery crewman.
When expecting trouble, Duster will grab a stolen E-11. She isn’t found without a massive Westar DC17 heavy blaster pistol on her hip.
Duster bunks in Room One and shares that room with Stitches.