GHOST – Cop’Ruchi

Female Twi’lek
5′ 06″, Twi’lek Thin build, Green Skin, Dark Hazel Eyes, No distinguishing marks.
Code Name: Ghost
Rank: Able Bodied Crewman
Ghost is not force sensitive

Cop is a quiet demure intelligent educated woman. Unlike Aliz, she does not speak with a Twi’lek accent. Ghost was transferred to DC-01 after the team picked up the Starbound Wayfinder. Ghost volunteered for the posting in part because she was rescued by DC-01 from a life of slavery. She is a non-combatant but an expert Sensor/Communications officer.
Cop bunks in Room Four and though its contains two bunks, she is the sole occupant. Cop used to share that room with Spice.