HAMMER – Rogjar Pullwalp

Update: Hammer is no longer a member of the crew!

Male Human
5′ 10″, Muscular Build, White Skin, Square Face, Brown curly hair w/ sideburns, Warm brown eyes.
Code Name: Hammer
Rank: Able Bodied Crewman
Hammer is not force sensitive

Hammer has an easy smile and a relaxed calm easygoing personality. When he needs to be he can be very businesslike and can make his voice carry. Hammer considers himself the Gunnery Officer for the Starbound Wayfinder. Wrasp does nothing to dissuade him from acting in this office. During Combat Operations Hammer mans Gunnery Station One (Forward Port side).
Hammer doesn’t arm himself with a sidearm and is barely qualified to use one. He’s average at his Gunnery skills.
Rogjar used to bunk in Room Seven, a smaller single crew berth, but spacious by comparison to the other crew quarters.

Hammer was arrested for being an Imperial Spy. He had been transferred to Alliance Intelligence and they confirmed that Hammer was a mole.