SLIDER – Josus Laorl

Male Bothan
6′ 00″, Athletic Build, Dirty Blond Fur, Yellow Eyes, Chip in right ear, Hair on head worn in pony tail.
Code Name: Slider
Rank: Agent
Lightsaber: Green Danite Crystal

Laorl is a quiet observant Bothan and can be imposing when necessary. He is a licensed Bounty Hunter and possesses an Imperial Peace Keepers Certificate (IPKC).
On the Starbound Wayfinder Laorl mans the Ventral Quadcannon turret.
Slider is well armed and prefers to use his Blaster Rifle. Laorl also possesses blaster pistols and a number of weapons and grenades tailored for capturing targets. Laorl prefers to capture his opponents and will avoid killing the enemy when possible.
Slider doesn’t seem to use force powers.
Slider bunks in room two and shares that room with Break Out.