SPICE – Aliz’Fama

Female Twi’lek
5′ 10″, curvaceous build, Orange Skin, Yellow Eyes, no distinguishing marks. Speaks with a thick Twi’lek accent.
Code Name: Spice
Rank: None. Support Crew
Aliz is not force sensitive and does not have a Lightsaber

Aliz is somewhat on the quite side, but she is provocative and promiscuous. Aliz is a farm girl from the backwater world of Roon (S15). Her father is a ‘simple farmer’ who has helped coordinate spice shipments for the crew during the past couple of harvests.
Aliz serves as the Starbound Wayfinder‘s Loadmaster.
During Combat Operations Spice mans Gunnery Station 2 (Forward Starboard station).
Aliz knows her way around a blaster rifle, but has only basic combat training. She is considered a non-combatant.
Aliz bunks in Room Seven and shares that room with Devo once the two of them became close.