WRASP – Pa Pooga

Male Kel Dor
5′ 08″, Average Build, Green Skin, Thin Build, No distinguishing features, raspy voice.
Code Name: Wrasp
Rank: Rebel Alliance Commander
Lightsabre: Wrasp is the current wielder of the Blackwing Crystal.

Wrasp has an easy going demeanor and is outwardly very social. He’s a capable business man and negotiator.
Wrasp is the defacto owner and Captain of the Starbound Wayfinder and is assigned as the Team Leader of DC-01.
For Operation 024 “Depending Basin” Wrasp was promoted to the rank of Commander as he Managed all Alliance assets and personnel in Nkllon (L16).
Wrasps’ preferred ranged weapon is his Disruptor Pistol. He’s not above dual wielding with two pistols.
Wrasps’ force powers focus on manipulating people and Wrasp will avoid combat.
Wrasp bunks alone in the Captains Quarters (Room Six).